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Mir ist es wichtig mich auf Menschen, Gefühle und Schönheit einzulassen, denn ich bin mir sicher, dass diese Werte in Zeiten des immer schneller voranschreitenden Wandels an neuer Bedeutung gewinnen werden.

Ich möchte dankbar sein für alle Geschenke dieser Welt und versuche dies in meiner Kunst einzufangen.

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ArtSandwich on Tour

Paris: 6.12- 8. 12. 2022
Miami/ USA: 28.12.2022 – 3.1.2023
Art Basel 15.6. – 18.6. 2023
And many more — be surprised!

Inspired by my art.


I cannot connect the circles which are made on the ArtSandwich by looking forward. I can only connect them looking backward, however I have trust that they will somehow connect before the world will be destroyed twice.
thanks for inspiration @Steve Jobs Quotes @Katharina Grosse

Don't just follow shine yourself. Everybody is invited to create his own meaning in life and to find his talents. If many people find their shine and come together through my art no matter whether in real or virtual life mindfulness, politeness and joy will grow.

My mission is positive human growth through the power of gratitude and togetherness.

I believe everybody can be part of the big circle of people who are needed for transformation. What comes around goes around. Everybody is important to help. Be creative as we all need to breathe the same air on the earth not on the mars.

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